Thursday, August 26, 2010

Animal of the Day - Bonnet Macaque

Canny Marcel the assassin found himself surprisngly relieved when Noseworthy finally caught up to him. He had grown weary of his life of paranoia and criminality, and yearned for a long rest. He agreed to cooperate with Noseworthy in exchange for full immunity for all admitted crimes. Noseworthy said that this would all depend on what Canny Marcel had to say...
He had indeed killed Auntie Clerq, crushing her with a rock while posing as a delivery monkey. But he had not done this of his own volition. A mysterious person or persons had paid him handsomely. In fact, he was scheduled to meet his employer for payment at the old lighthouse by Lake Overcoat.
The meeting was in a matter of hours. Noseworthy had little time to waste.

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